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Acquire a vineyard is an interesting investment today. If you wish to buy a wine estateYou can count on the experts at BLUE SIDE. Thanks to our know-how in this sector, we can help you to find the winery that meets your criteria and adapted to your budget. Discover in this article the basics to succeed in this type of acquisition.

What are the key steps to buying a winery?

The successful purchase of a wine property requires the respect of a number of important steps and recommendations.

Designing the project upstream

It is advisable, before launching out in the acquisition of a vineyard, to take care to work well its project. This means clearly define the characteristics the type of property you wish to own, as well as your desires, needs and expectations. Thus, you will master the motivations justifying this acquisition.

Choosing a winery

You already know your project and your motivations, you can now choose your property. To find the one that will suit you, it is necessary to take into account a certain number of elements. Among these: thelocation of the estate, the price of the land, the quality of the vineyard, the winery, the rents, etc.

In addition, it will be necessary to study the balance sheetsand consider the production capacity of the field. Likewise, it will be necessary, beforehand, assess the condition of buildings of housing, farm buildings, cellars and means of production. It is important to ensure that they meet the prescribed standards.

Also, before purchasing the domain, be sure to consult the documents related to the property: the computerized vineyard register, the conformity of the vineyard, the specifications of the appellation... All that remains is for you to meet the administrative and financial requirements to make the transfer of ownership effective.

Seek the support of a professional like BLUE SIDE

Wine transactions are long and complex. They require the completion of a large number of technical and administrative procedures. To initiate and succeed in the process of buying a winery, we recommend that you contact a company that is an expert in the sector.

For this purpose, BLUE SIDE, a reference partner for wine estates and properties transactionsWe provide you with expert support on technical, legal, tax and notarial issues.

Specialized inpurchase of wine estates in Provencewe offer you beautiful wine-producing properties in the Var. We put at your disposal our experience, as well as that of our partners, to guide you and help you make the right choice.

For your acquisition, we are at your side at every stage of your project, advising you and providing you with all the necessary support. We study your project, analyze your needs, structure your acquisition and assist you until you take over the farm.

Take advantage of theassistance from BLUE SIDE experts to buy the winery that meets your requirements.


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