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The vineyards of Côtes de Provence have taken off in an unparalleled way over the last twenty years, with a strong potential for economic development, based on a historical precedent, a quality terroira mastered know-how and an economical concept AOP Côtes de Provence world famous.

Blue Side provides the necessary insight on this page. As a specialist in transactions, transfers, acquisitions of properties and wine estates in this region of south-eastern France, we present you the benefits of this type of investment.

Investing in a vineyard in Provence: a safe and profitable investment over time

This type of investment, mainly in the Provence region, is profitable. With the current economic context, it appears to be the safest in the long term. By buying a wine property, you combine investment in a growing property and enjoyment of a property with character.

Provence, a promised land for wine lovers

For those who plan toinvest in a vineyardProvence is certainly the first area that stands out for its attractions. This part of France seduces indeed the major part of the investors for various reasons. The wineries in this region are farms where wines are produced prized all over the world.

The vine, since its introduction by the Romans 2600 years ago, has played a very important role in the history of this region. Moreover, for the last twenty years, the vineyards of Provence are experiencing an incomparable growth with great economic development capacities.

The soil and climate of this geographical area are favorable to the development of many grape varieties. Indeed, its geology is characterized by a diversified relief, soils with limestone, sandy-silty and schistose dominance. These soils have an excellent porosity and remain without excess of humidity.

The region also benefits from a favorable climate. Essentially hot in the summer and cool in the winter, its Mediterranean climate remains very favorable to the vine. With a high level of sunshine and dry air, it offers good protection to crops.

Vineyards in Provence : an unparalleled production and marketing

Spread over the departments of Var, Bouches-du-Rhône and Alpes-Maritimes, the The vineyards of Provence cover nearly 27,000 hectares. This is a real asset that favors the strong production of this region. It is estimated that about 170 million bottles of wine are produced each year, including 88 % of rosé, 9 % of red and 3 % of white.

The rosé typically reflects the identity of Provence. The region's main product, it represents a worldwide production of approximately 13 % . Renowned both locally and internationally, it is experiencing strong growth in terms of production.

Investing in a vineyard in ProvenceIt is also a strategic position for trade. The location of the region in relation to the east-west, north-south axes and the Mediterranean arc, makes it the main hinge in the marketing of rosé wine. For this reason, it is now the most important area in the entire southern Mediterranean region.

Wine estates in Provence: a growing market

Today, we are witnessing a increase in the number of transactions of vineyards in Provence. A vineyard in this region has many advantages that are of particular interest to investors. Indeed, the vineyard properties are subject to a reduced property tax, and are easily transferable.

Blue Side analyses your needs with you in order to guide you naturally to the properties that match your criteria and your budget. We offer you some of the most sought-after areas and the most buoyant in the South Mediterranean sector. Transaction specialists, transfers, acquisitions of properties and wine estates, we offer you our expertise and a wide range of services.



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