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Buying a wine estate in the Var represents an interesting enterprise considering the dynamism of the sector in this department. However, a passion for wine alone is not enough to start a business. The best thing to do to secure this investment is to resort to the expertise of a specialized company to identify the appropriate domain. To facilitate your research, opt for the VarThis is a department with remarkable potential. Here is why in 5 points.

Buying a wine estate in the Var: an important choice of region

The Var is both the heart and the maritime border of ProvenceProvence is a popular area for investors due to its many aspects. Provence enjoys a Mediterranean climate that is conducive to the cultivation of vines.

A key player in the wine trade

Provence benefits from a very favorable geolocation for the marketing of wine.

The challenge of finding a place for yourself in the world of viticulture

The field of viticulture fascinates many people. However, it remains a rather restricted universe where finding a place for oneself is complex. Getting into the wine business requires the services of a company with proven expertise in the industry. Once you have a vineyard, you are one step closer to entering this very closed circle.

Acquire a domain in the Var to put your passion at the service of entrepreneurship

It is not enough to have a real passion for wine to be successful in this business. The journey seems to be time consuming and financially demanding.

To achieve this, you must surround yourself with specialized people who can help and advise you in the accomplishment of this project. But upstream, a good soil is already the basic investment.

A long-term investment

Buying a wine estate in Provence is a profitable investment. Wine does not lose its interest and its value only increases over the years. It is difficult to imagine the disappearance of the product, let alone a complete collapse of the market.

The latter remains one of those that have long resisted financial crises. But to enjoy it, you need to be patient and persistent.

Take advantage of BLUE SIDE's services

Treat yourself to the services of BLUE SIDE for the purchase of a vineyard in the Var. The company assists you in the process of transfer-acquisition of properties suitable for viticulture in all Provence.

With a panel of services adapted to each project, it meets all your needs, it ensures you a quality accompaniment in the strict confidentiality of each project.




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