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For acquire a wine estateIf you are looking for an area that offers guaranteed viability for grape growing, you need to find out about the economic importance of grape growing in the region you are targeting. If you are looking for an area that offers guarantees of viability for the cultivation of vines, direct your prospection to Provence. In order to show you the advantages of such an option, BLUE SIDE presents in this article 5 good reasons to buy a vineyard in Provence.

The region's wealth of highly productive arable land

Provence hasremarkable natural assets to produce vines of good quality. On the one hand, the plants benefit from the sun almost all year long. On the other hand, the composition of the soil and its adequate drainage favor the culture.

The existence of potential partners

Provence has all sizes of wine companies. So, whether you are new or old in the industry, there are models to follow or adapt to your project. And if you need to join forces with another producer, for whatever reason, you will find a taker for your offer thanks to BLUE SIDE's expertise as a professional intermediary.

The growing reputation of the region

Today, Provence ranks first in the production of rosé wines. At the same time, its white and red wines are popular in their respective lines. This achievement is a direct consequence of the promotion of quality production organized by the operators. Logically, theexcellent taste of the wines The demand for our products is constantly increasing.

Investors from four continents

The rise in fame of the wines of Provence leads to a reversal of the objectives of land acquisition.

In the past, it was a simple possession goal. Nowadays, many are leaning towards financing wine estates. Indeed, investing in a quality property in demand worldwide is more profitable. So, buy a wine estate in Provence attracts investors from various backgrounds. This guarantees the possibility of making good deals.

BLUE SIDE's assistance to buy a wine estate in Provence

Specialists in wine transactionsWe receive offers to sell domains. Then we work around them by highlighting the advantageous characteristics. Finally, we assist the interested parties in the completion of the necessary formalities. For this, we work closely with all the intervening structures.

In addition to our services for the purchase of vineyards, we also assist farmers in order to achieve a qualitative exploitation. Indeed, BLUE SIDE, born from the meeting of a salesman and an industrialist passionate about viticulture, is specialized in the transaction of vineyards. Thus, we spare no effort to support you in your project of taking over a property. We make sure that your investment is secure and profitable.

In the end, buying a wine estate in Provence is advantageous. If you would like the best possible support in finding the property that meets your criteria, contact BLUE SIDE.


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