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Sell a winery with Blue Side

You want to sell your vineyard in the South of France?

BLUE SIDE is the partner of reference on the whole Mediterranean border (Provence and Languedoc and Southern Rhone Valley) for transmissions and transfers-acquisitions of wine estates. We work with a variety of structures: from family vineyards vinified in cooperative wineries, to intermediate estates with private wineries, to large-scale operations and renowned estates.

Blue Side accompanies you in the sale of your wine property

As good connoisseurs of the subjects and problems encountered by the actors of the wine industry, we are able to analyze them, to confront them with the market and to integrate them into a transfer project including adapted answers for a fair valuation. Our objective is first of all to succeed in placing at the heart of the transfer, the transmission of the work accomplished, sometimes the work of a lifetime, always the fruit of a strong commitment.

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Blue Side expert in the sale and acquisition of vineyards

Blue Side expert in the sale and acquisition of vineyards

BLUE SIDE is in daily contact with wine professionals and growers and makes it a point of honor to cultivate these essential relationships.

In this exceptional sector of wine transactions, confidentiality and discretion are a must. Transactions are complex and take place over time.

This implies a human, administrative, legal and technical preparation work within the framework of a determining mutual trust relationship.


The technical requirements of a wine transaction

When a mandate is entrusted to us, we carry out a very detailed study of the property and the vineyard. We then present the memorandum to a panel of clearly identified prospects who are contractually bound to respect the utmost confidentiality.

And for a perfect transparency, we periodically inform the seller of the prospects engaged on his file.

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You wish to sell your wine property or simply study this project, to get an idea of its value and the course of operations?
We are at your disposal to discuss these issues with you in complete confidentiality.

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