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In the manner of a consulting firm, Blue Side, a specialist in wine transactions, has built up over more than ten years a novel, hybrid approach, taking the form of both'an engineering and design department'a business bank. Provence, Languedoc, Rhone Valley: a sprawling coverage, which we analyze today!

Company information: Today, agricultural estates benefit from'an unprecedented attractiveness. How does the'do you explain?

Arnaud Courret (co-founder of Blue Side): The wineries take the form of'an investment in land and economics, which includes stone, land and water.'operation. This type of property must have a productive return. Through all these points, a vineyard is therefore considered a safe haven in times of crisis; a professional investment, which at the same time becomes fiscally structurable.

Even more so, and even more so in France, these properties refer to a kind of nobility. Inviting friends to spend a weekend in a'a beautiful environment, to offer a bottle of your own wine: the emotional side plays an important role.


I.E.: What are the profiles of buyers?

Arnaud Courret There are several types of'interest. First of all, there is'first the'investment pleasure, in other words, the'acquisition of'a small property, with a residential dimension, decorated with'a wine-growing annex.

Then, we can talk about the domains with private cellar: here, the property benefits from'a professional structure, conducive to winemaking, associated with vineyards. We therefore speak of'a real economic activity, because all the tools are there! This exploitation must therefore be'The company has to be seen as a real company, with staff, a commercial network to maintain, and quality to provide.

Finally, the large farms take the form of'a real economic tool, totally dedicated to the cause. As you can see, the alternatives are numerous, and explain a little more all the'interest and all the'attractiveness of our sector.


I.E: Blue Side has chosen to focus on the south of France. How was this choice made? ?

Arnaud Courret The wines of the South are doing well, very well indeed! At the'export, their volume continues to grow.'sales have increased fivefold in less than 10 years for Provence wines. If France is the first country in the world to produce rosés, Provence is the driving force. This s'The main reason for this is the massive investments made by the operators, both in terms of the quality of the wine offered and in terms of business processes, and this on a unique terroir.

Rhone Valley, Languedoc, Provence: we position ourselves as the partner of reference for wine property transactions in these territories.


I.E.: Blue Side stands out for its original approach, based above all on technique. Could we say that this prism is the basis of your success?s ?

Arnaud Courret : Absolutely! If wine estates are still an investment in land, we are not talking about'a simple pleasure property. There is an important technical dimension on which we accompany our customers sellers and buyers.

It is important to understand that the latter are often neophytes, so we must help them to avoid pitfalls. Legal, administrative and fiscal aspects: we cover here the'the entire spectrum of the wine transaction! But more than that, our added value lies in the way we work with our clients.'to address the "business side" of things. We focus on our clients' needs in order to structure their project. Our expertise allows us to'identify complementary investments to ensure a profitable business, from planning to scheduling to costs. Unlike real estate agents, we position ourselves as a kind of'a hybrid player, between a design office and an investment bank.

This positioning allows us to meet the needs of all interested parties, to adapt to all types of properties, from small estates to large farms. An example of a transaction of'authority ? Our partnership with the LVMH group for the'acquisition of the Château GaloupetCru Classé in Provence.


I.E: What are your projects?

Arnaud Courret Our role is to match the demands of sellers and the research of investors. In a competitive environment, to maintain a leading position, we must constantly renew ourselves, question what seems to be taken for granted and continually intensify the professional nature of our approach and the reliability of our expertise. Our clients have very eclectic profiles. They are'The sellers are winegrowers or large landowners who are always passionate about a job done over the long term and subject to the vagaries of life.

The buyers are mostly French, some of them are in their fifties or sixties, entrepreneurs who have sold all or part of their companies and have funds to invest in a new activity that is both noble and reassuring. The others come from the wine industry or the wine and spirits industry. All have a level of'Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to meet these high standards. C'is what we focus on, day after day.

At the same time, our know-how has allowed us to consolidate our reputation within the'We are looking to grow internationally, to attract a clientele from abroad. We are indeed looking to grow internationally, to attract a clientele of'foreign buyers, that the'we want to bring to the French vineyard.


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