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If the acquisition of a vineyard has the advantages of a professional investment, it is because most of it is a business in its own right: the winery.

      Many buyers who are not from the wine industry also have skills in management, project management and business management.
Information on the technical nature of this type of business, adapted to a concrete project, will allow the operation to be carried out successfully while avoiding the pitfalls.

      Based on its experience, BLUE SIDE offers a support for the takeover of a business on the basis of the known state of the vineyard, the technical layout, the human resources and the existing production and commercial model.
Accompanied, if necessary, by land experts, oenologists, wine architects, graphic designers, suppliers of vineyard and wine-making equipment, and specialized firms, we offer our assistance for the implementation of the new operator's project on an adapted model.

      The vineyard is the sine qua none of the wine exploitation
We can intervene on the implementation of an optimization program of the vineyard (respect of the specifications of the AOC, renewal of the grape varieties, maintenance of the trellising, drainage, irrigation, possibilities of extension of the vineyard surface, ...).

      We can then intervene on the optimization of the technical layout
Audit of the viticultural equipment, optimization of the investments (tractors, tools of work of the ground, tools of phytosanitary treatments, machines to grape harvest, trailers, accessories,?)
Cellar ergonomics, quality, potential and evolution of the cellar equipment (conquests, destemmers, crushers, heat exchangers, presses, pumps, filters, refrigeration units, vats, cooperage, bottling, cartoning, storage, etc.).

      The next step is human resources
Study of the existing structure in relation to the standard needs of the farm (winegrowing, administrative and commercial staff).
Tasks that can be outsourced to service providers (pruning, disbudding, harvesting, etc.)
Competence of the administrative staff (wine administrations, customs, FranceAgriMer, INAO, unions and interprofessional committees, management of the exploitation, ...).
Management tools for the vineyard, the cellar, the marketing, the accounting, ...
Analysis of the efficiency and involvement of the sales staff in the notoriety of the domain.
Restructuring proposal if necessary.

      And finally the sinews of war: marketing
The Provence wine market is a young and convincing market with a high growth potential.
The professionals who are working on it manage to position themselves remarkably well, both on the domestic and international markets. However, many operators are not able to approach it or approach it as amateurs.
The wines of Provence, whose production is dominated today at 95% by rosés, allow to free themselves from the costs of storage by selling the production during the year. It is essential in this context to ensure the quality of the marketing of the product.
We offer our advice on the following points in particular:
- Definition of the product produced or planned (nature, bottles, BIB, bulk, ranges, price lists, packaging, etc.)
- Study of the targeted markets (sales in the cellar, wine merchants, CHR, GMS, export, trade, cooperation, etc.)
- Creation or development of a trading activity (purchase of must or grapes, creation of a second brand, ...)

      The assistance proposed above is not exhaustive. It must above all be adjusted to the typology and structure of each winery. It is intended to facilitate the installation of the new farmer, without being long-term.

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